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Second Section Of The Fairfax Bridge Demolished

Jan 25, 2015

The Fairfax Bridge is being demolished so a new bridge can be built in its place.
Credit MoDOT Photos / Flickr-CC

Kansas and Missouri's transportation departments demolished another section of the Fairfax Bridge Saturday. 

The section was the second to be taken down with explosives this year. Both KDOT and MoDOT say the bridge, which crosses the state line, can no longer bear the weight of cars and trucks passing over it daily.

Several dozen people parked off of the 7th Street Trafficway in Kansas City, Kan., to get a view of the explosion. David Dumler brought his son to watch as a familiar bridge from his childhood was taken down.

"I just remember as a kid, driving across that bridge and there was a toll, and I remember it being a big deal on television when they took the toll out," Dumler said. "It's like watching a piece of history disappear."

The rest of the bridge will be taken down at a later date. The replacement is expected to be finished by December 2016.