Seg. 1: A Bike Plan | Seg. 2: Judy Mills | KCUR

Seg. 1: A Bike Plan | Seg. 2: Judy Mills

Segment 1: What's the deal with this Bike Plan that advocates are trying to push through?

There is a plan for increasing bicycle safety in Kansas City that's been languishing in City Hall for almost a year. The death of a cyclist has ignited a groundswell of urgency for the city to take some kind of action. 

  • Michael Kelley, policy manager, BikeWalkKC
  • Alex Smith, health reporter, KCUR

Segment 2: Meet the Kansas Citian who runs a record store and a book store in the age of Spotify and Kindle.

Judy Mills decided to give up weekly manicures and a "sassy retirement" to fill a niche in Kansas City's retail market. But she also has a larger mission. This is her story.