Seg. 1: Food And The Environment | Seg. 2: Dungeons And Dragons | KCUR

Seg. 1: Food And The Environment | Seg. 2: Dungeons And Dragons

May 30, 2019

Segment 1: Food access as an environmental issue

Metropolitan cities like Kansas City have often struggled with ensuring that their residents have access to healthy, affordable food. In addition to being a political and economic issue, food access also carries environmental implications. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is one organization that has focused on supporting envrionmentally responsible food systems in the area. We talk about this issue with a member of the coalition and a representative from a Kansas City-based nonprofit dedicated to improving food access.

Segment 2, beginning at 21:45: Dungeons and Dragons

The popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons used to be confined to dinner tables and basements. But its rising popularity over the years has brought it out of the basement and into the bar — and a Kansas City bar offering D&D games is just one place that's witnessed its growth. We speak with the co-owner of the bar and a local dungeonmaster about their love of D&D, its popularity, and the ways they've seen the game bring people together. 

  • Edward Shmalz, founder and co-owner, Pawn and Pint
  • Veronica McDonald, local Dungeons and Dragons player