Seg. 1: Making Friends. Seg. 2: Cowboys Of Color. | KCUR

Seg. 1: Making Friends. Seg. 2: Cowboys Of Color.

Apr 19, 2018

Segment 1: How long does it take to make a friend?

According to a KU professor, it takes 50 hours to make a casual friend (though that's not always guaranteed). We take a closer look into his research, including the online quiz he created to determine the closeness of a friendship.

Segment 2, beginning at 38:38: The overlooked story of cowboys of color.

Hollywood has probably shaped many people's picture of what a cowboy looked like: rugged, riding off into the sunset and usually white. Hear more about the cowboys of color who helped shaped the West.

Gloria Austin, co-founder, National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame

Gloria Austin and Jim Austin will be delivering a presentation titled 'Cowboys of Color' at the Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building in the West Bottoms on Saturday, April 28 from noon to 1 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit