Seg. 1: Yoonmi Nam | Seg. 2: Evolving Urban Wildlife | KCUR

Seg. 1: Yoonmi Nam | Seg. 2: Evolving Urban Wildlife

Oct 10, 2019

Segment 1: An artist makes us look more closely at the disposable still life piling up on the kitchen table.

When Yoonmi Nam looks at the takeout containers, junk mail and plastic bags that accumulate around her, she sees a still life. Translating these objects into ceramics and putting them on a pedestal, she gives weight and permanence to the things that briefly populate our lives before getting tossed aside.

  • Yoonmi Nam, aritst, For Now at Haw Contemporary (through October 30)

Segment 2: Some species are evolving, on the genetic level, to survive human cities. What can they teach us?

What do New Jersey fish, Denver coyotes, New York City rats and Puerto Rican lizards have in common? They are evolving to survive in a built environment. How a new generation of biologists is pioneering the field of urban wildlife.