Senator Clinton's Speech Swings Support To Obama | KCUR

Senator Clinton's Speech Swings Support To Obama

Aug 26, 2008

Democrats have officially counting the delegates and nominated the first African American presidential candidate. That's a relief to delegates who have been torn by lingering resentment between Clinton and Obama supporters. KCUR's Frank Morris reports from Denver, Colo.

A lot of Clinton delegates out here were sensitive that the Senator, and her accomplishments would be short changed at this convention. For people like Jolie Justus, a Missouri State Senator, Clinton's speech last night changed everything.

Justus says, "She gave us our marching orders, now we're going to see a turn, and we're going to see a turn to Obama and the historic nature of this election. It was on Hillary, because we were all waiting for last night's speech, and now it will be Obama."

The focus on Obama may be somewhat siderailed by one of tonight's speakers. Former president Bill Clinton, scheduled at 8 central is considered kind of a wild card. He got pretty far off script at the convention four years ago, and is reportedly still steamed about the primary campaign.