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Should Entertainment Venues Encourage Cell Phone Use?

Nov 13, 2013

Credit Jgoge / Flickr -- Creative Commons

Should entertainment venues, like theaters, sports arenas and music halls allow smartphone use?

More than 56 percent of Americans own smartphones and many use them at events like concerts and movies, or at least try to.

Rather than discourage or prevent their use, some venues in Kansas City are trying to take advantage of the new connectivity.

On KCUR's news program KC Currentswe mingled with a crowd at the Record Bar, a Kansas City music venue, to hear how musicians, music goers and the club owner view a digitally connected audience.

Then we sat down in the studio with the people behind some of the most innovative uses of smartphones at live events, not just in Kansas City, but all over the U.S. 


  • Zain Pasha, Product Manager, Sporting Innovations
  • Brent Scholz, Group Creative Director, VML