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The Soul Of Designer Records

Mar 21, 2015

The gospel music that came out of the little known Memphis-based label Designer Records has been described as “soul without the sex…and if you listen to this week’s Cyprus Avenue, you’ll swear you’ve heard the tunes before, just with different lyrics.

Track List:

The Melody Kings - “I Know It’s Jesus”

George Shields & His Gospel Singers-  “God ‘s Word Will Never Pass Away”

The Mighty Blitheville Aires- “It May Be Your Last”

O’Neil and the Dean Brothers-  “The ABCs”

Sister Carrie Daniels- “This Joy I Have”

Elizabeth King- “Testify For Jesus”

The Souls of Solomon- “Do Yourself A Favor”

The Shaw Singers- “Since He Touched Me”

Laura Bradley & the Famous Southland Singers-  “How Far The Lord Brought Me”

The Breckenridge Singers- “Lord is Ruling From Above”

The Gospel Stars- “Jesus Is Calling Me”  

The Rev. James Hamner & the Holy City Travelers- “He Won’t Deny Me”

Joe Townsend-  “Goin’ Over The Hill”

The Mosby Singers- “I Got The Love Of Jesus”

The Fantastic Alonzo Thomas- “I’m On My Way”

The Harmonizers of Newton, Massachusetts-

Designer Records

“Just A Little While”