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StoryCorps In Kansas City: Susan Wilson And Sharmelle Winsett

Jul 30, 2018

UpdateSince this recording aired on November 22, 2010, Susan Wilson has become the Vice-chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion at UMKC. She also shares that she reached out to her Italian side of her family that had disowned her mother. She received an email back saying: “Susan, this is your cousin John. I have been looking for you for over 25 years.” Susan Wilson and Sharmelle Winsett attended their first Italian family reunion in 2015.

Kansas City, MO – At StoryCorps recording booths across the country, friends and loved ones interview each other about their lives. Each Tuesday during Morning Edition, we'll bring you a story from the MobileBooth in Kansas City. Sharmelle Winsett brought in her mother Susan Wilson, KCUR's own Co-host of KC Currents. She also serves as the Associate Dean at the UMKC School of Medicine. They talked about how being bi-racial impacted her coming of age.

StoryCorps MobileBooth was stationed at 63rd Street and Brookside Boulevard, September 9, 2010 to October 2, 2010. StoryCorps in Kansas City is sponsored by Mid-Continent Public Library.