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The Techsperts: Internet Pirates, Virtual Offices, Sponsored Webcasts

Oct 17, 2012

Internet pirates are hiding on college computer networks, despite the schools’ efforts to get rid of them. Arrrgh. 

 The Techsperts - Dustin Jacobsen and Justin Parlette, are back on Thursday's Up to Date to take us into the digital maze. Also on the list of tech subjects: a look at the growing number of people working from home in virtual office spaces and rise of sponsored webcasts, highlighted by Red Bull’s sponsorship of Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile free-fall.

Watch this point of view video where Felix Baumgartner stands at the edge of his capsule and jumps. 

Later, we’ll talk about the role of Twitter in the presidential debates before we bid a fond farewell to one of the Techsperts, Justin. 

Dustin Jacobsen, Chief Strategy Officer at Flat Square Technology Group, leads the practice on mobile, social and emerging technology projects. Jacobsen holds a BS from Iowa State University and an MBA, magna cum laude, from Baker University. He blogs about all things marketing and technology at and is on Twitter at@dustinj.

Justin Parlette is an Apple Certified technician who has supported Apple products for over 15 years. Trained by Apple as part of their crack group of technicians (you call them "Geniuses"), he most recently worked for UMKC as their resident Apple expert. Parlette also writes and directs the critically acclaimed web series "Dead Wait," a zombie story set in Kansas City which unfolds at Justin is moving to Chicago where he'll work for a large retail pharmacy company in developing in-store technology. Follow his escapades on Twitter at @jpar0.