Top Of The Morning News: July 23, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: July 23, 2013

Jul 23, 2013

The Kansas City Museum Advisory Board is asking for the city to sever the museum’s tie to Union Station and to reinstate the museum’s director.  Prairie plants are being used to help restore farm soil.  U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is urging Congress to get the farm bill to the president’s desk soon.

Museum Advisory Board Asks City To Reinstate Director

The Kansas City Museum Advisory Board has formally approved the business plan calling for the city to break Kansas City Museum's ties with Union Station Kansas City. The mayor-appointed advisory group is also asking for the reinstatement of Christopher Leitch. On July 8, Leitch, the on-site house director, was fired by George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station.

Prairie Plants Help Restore Farmland Soil

The world’s soil is in trouble, even in the fertile Midwest. Some experts warn that if degradation continues unchecked, topsoil could be gone in 60 years. That has implications for agriculture and the broader environment.  Some farmers and researchers are looking to prairies for help.

Vilsack Urges Congress To Speed Farm Bill

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was in farm country Monday continuing to push Congress to send a farm bill to President Obama’s desk. Vilsack says he doesn’t consider extending the farm bill beyond the September 30 expiration a sound option.