Uncharted Territory | KCUR

Uncharted Territory

Mar 5, 2018

Missouri's last impeachment proceeding was in 1994, and it's never happened with a governor. That could change this year as a House committee begins an investigation of Gov. Eric Greitens following his indictment on a felony invasion of privacy charge. Host Brian Ellison talks with a member of that committee, Rep. Gina Mitten of St. Louis. The Assistant Minority Floor Leader and ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, Mitten describes the uncertainty of creating a process for an unprecedented situation, as well as her high hopes for a bipartisan outcome--whether it is impeachment or something else. We also talk with Chip Robertson, one of the Missouri Supreme Court judges who decided the state's last impeachment case, removing Secretary of State Judy Moriarty from office. And KCUR's Lisa Rodriguez helps us figure out how this process would play out if it comes to that this time.

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Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; What Have I Done by Lee Rosevere; Soothe and Manele by Blue Dot Sessions