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Veterinarian Wayne Hunthausen: Keeping Pets' Teeth Clean

Jan 27, 2015

Brushing your cat's teeth can be tricky. Dr. Wayne Hunthausen gives tips on the best way to keep your pet's teeth healthy.
Credit Hamed Saber / Flickr-CC

  When it comes to your pet's health, its dental hygiene is just as important as your own.  Brushing your pet's teeth can prevent disease, and perhaps more importantly...bad breath.

We talk about keeping your pet's pearly whites sparkling, from dental-specific kibble design, to brushing techniques, and pet oral rinses. 

For more information for pet dental health, visit the American Veterinary Dental College and to find products that meet pre-set standards of effectiveness in dental plaque and tartar control, visit the The Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance page.


  • Dr. Wayne Hunthausen, veterinarian and animal behavior specialist from Westwood Animal Hospital.