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Water, Sewer Increases in New KC Budget

Mar 9, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City city council has set the wheels in motion for adoption of next year's city budget. And it will include some higher fees for basic services.

Many details of next year's spending plan are still not finalized. But it's for certain that proposed increases in sewer and water rates will be part of it.

Budget director Mark Thoma-Perry says the 10% water rate increase will raise the average residential bill about $2,91 a month. That would bring in about $12.2 million in new revenue, which he says would go for small main replacement, improved fire protection and to rebuild cash reserves.

In addition, there's a 15% sewer rate increase that would cost the average user $3.72 a month. The city will hold its final budget hearing Friday at City Hall.