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'We Are Superman'

Dec 7, 2012

In the heart of Kansas City, at the intersection of 31st and Troost, a select few work to transform a dividing line into a gathering place.

The documentary We Are Superman tells their story, and in the second part of Friday's Up to Date, director Kevin Bryce talks about the geographic line between black and white, rich and poor that Troost has symbolized for over 60 years.  Amidst prejudicial legislation, exploitative corporations, and a stereotype that has stigmatized the urban core  are the people who are no longer waiting on a Superman to come save them.

Also joining the conversation are Carol Grimaldi, executive director at Brush Creek Community Partners, and Rodney Knott, executive director of ReEngage.

SEE MORE IN KC: We Are Superman has its Kansas City premiere at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, December 7, 2012,  at Screenland Crossroads  with showings through Sunday, December 9.

Kevin Bryce is the director of We Are Superman.

Carol Grimaldi is the executive director at Brush Creek Community Partners.

Rodney Knott is the executive director of ReEngage, Incorporated and has consulted with the University of Missouri Kansas City to create a new approach to workforce development training. He has an extensive background in working with men and juveniles in both Kansas City, MO and KS, Atlanta, and St. Louis. Knott has presented his vision for the need for fatherhood training and man building to large and small groups including city, state, and federal officials, The Kiwanis, The National Center for Fathering, The National Fatherhood Initiative, Truman Behavioral Health, the Housing Authority, the AFL-CIO Building & Construction Trades and many others.