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What You Asked Our New Host, Gina Kaufmann — And Her Answers

Mar 27, 2014


Gina Kaufmann, Central Standard's new host, starts her first day at her new job answering questions from Twitter and Facebook on the air.
Credit Matthew Long-Middleton / KCUR

Central Standard’s new host had a lot to answer for on her first day on the new job Thursday. And it’s all because of you.

Gina Kaufmann doesn’t officially sit in the talk show host chair until 10 a.m. Monday. But on Thursday, we welcomed and introduced her with a live interview on KCUR.

The interview was based on many questions we solicited from listeners, part of our Tell KCUR question of the week that runs on air and online via social media.

To see some of the questions you sent in, follow the #TellKCUR hashtag or check out listener comments on this Facebook post.  

Here are some of the highlights from Thursday’s interview with Kaufmann (@GinaKCUR), including the questions you asked and her on-air responses:

What is the most important thing you learned from Walt Bodine? Mary Beth Smith (@Mimi7578) on Twitter

“To be kind to people who are joining you and becoming part of your team and maybe have less experience than you do. He was so gracious taking me under his wing. I couldn’t have helped him if he hadn’t helped me.”

“Walt kept it fabulously real and everyone respected him for that. … His response to something someone said would always be very authentic and I think that’s important in journalism.”

How old were you when you started collecting stories? Lisa Lala on Facebook  

“I’m not sure how old I was because I can’t remember not doing it. ”

Who would be your ultimate “get” as a guest on the show? John Martellaro on Facebook  

“I think Sarah Silverman and I could have an excellent conversation. If she’s ever in town, I hope Steve Kraske is listening because I call dibs right now.”

Will you change the theme song? Please?@enoughkc on Twitter  

“I understand there are a lot of opinions out there about the current theme song and probably about a number of facets of the show and I guess I would just like to make clear that I’m part of a large team.

“My arrival does not signal a regime. I’m arriving to continue some discussions and bring the show to a place where a new format will be ready to debut in late spring or early summer. We’re really excited to take feedback like this into consideration as those discussions take place.”

Sweet and zesty or hot and tangy BBQ?Adam Tillery on Facebook  

“I don’t dislike barbecue, but I’m not fanatical about it. I just need to be honest here. Most people who know me well would not consider me qualified to make bold pronouncements about barbecue. However, I will say … I like hot.”

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