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Women's Deaths Linked By Kansas City And Kearney, Mo. Detectives

Feb 8, 2013

The separate deaths of two women in Kansas City’s Northland, deaths originally thought accidental drug overdoses, are now thought to be homicides.

Detectives think the murders may be work of the same man and they ask the public’s help.

Police had said nothing until today, fearing they’d drive the killer into hiding.

There are striking similarities in the deaths, investigated by a team led by Sergeant Doug  Niemeier.

Large amounts of drugs were in the bodies of the women and both bodies had been deliberately posed. Both had a history of prostitution and frequented the old Northeast side.

A white pickup truck seen near the bodies is a common denominator.  Tamara Sparks body was dumped in far north Kansas City in 2011, a man’s shoe nearby.  The shoe was a man’s size 11 khaki Croc moccasin.

Nicolene Reed was left dead near Kearney last August.

A third woman, thought to have been with the killer was dumped near Cameron, Mo. yet survived.

Niemeier sees great value in making public  this evidence he holds--  “I do believe, and these detectives do believe, there are other living victims out there.”

Neimeier thinks other women had a brush with the killer and lived and may not have talked to police, yet, or talked with police from some department other than Kansas City or Kearney.

If someone  can  connect the shoe or the truck with a person,

Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Niemeier believes they may have a solid case.