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Women's Foundation Releases Interactive Study On Gender Equality In Missouri

Jan 28, 2015

A new study from the Women's Foundation and MU shows deep income disparities for Missouri women when compared to men.
Credit The Women's Foundation & The University of Missouri / Community Commons

The Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City has released the full results of its collaboration with the University of Missouri examining gender equality in Missouri. 

The study identifies five main areas of inequity: income, child care, health insurance, poverty and representation. Each area can be further broken down by county and even local tract maps to give a better idea of what issues affect specific areas.

For example, statewide, the average income for a Missouri woman compared to a man is 71 cents per dollar. In Jackson County, Mo., the average income gap is wider than the state average at 69.8 cents per dollar. Carroll County shows the widest gap, at 51 cents per dollar.

Women's Foundation President and CEO Wendy Doyle says that now that the research is published, the real test is to make sure citizens and lawmakers are educated on the issues. 

"Our goal is to go out across the state on a tour into communities that may not have this information readily available," Doyle says. "Our policy agenda is still in the formative stages, but our goal is to be able to start a little bit of activity during this 2015 legislative session."

The full study results and detailed interactive maps can be found on Community Commons' website.