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Writing What Didn't Happen: Historical Fiction

There's no debating that a good non-fiction book can bring life to overlooked history.  But when everything's been told about that event....or you have an idea for an "alternative" history, where to turn? Historical fiction.

Wednesday in the second half of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with writers Michael Pritchett, an associate professor of English language and literature at UMKC and Tom Averill, author of Rode. They'll discuss the gaining popularity of historical fiction, and an upcoming event for those interested in pursuing the craft, the Mark Twain Writers Workshop.

LEARN MORE: The 32nd annual Mark Twain Writers Workshop takes place June 4th to 22nd. Lead by editor and poet Robert Stewart and novelist Michael Pritchett, the workshop includes intensive instruction in writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, keeping a journal, television & movie script writing, teaching creative writing, and submitting and placing your work. Click here for more information.