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Youth Mental Health, Chiefs Windfall, Meet The Penguins

Bistate Conversation About Youth Mental Health

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama called for a national conversation on mental health. Kansas City was chosen as one of ten cities to host a dialog in a program called Creating Community Solutions. On Saturday,  September 21,  two mayors and some 360 participants spent the day discussing how to improve mental health in metro Kansas City, particularly among young people. Hear voices of young people at the event.

How Do We Improve Youth Mental Heath?

For many of us, our teen and young adult years can be some of the hardest years of our lives. Just as dramatic physical and hormonal changes occur, so do questions about identity, belonging, autonomy and purpose. Hear from local experts about growing instance of mental health problems among teens and young adults, and how parents and local institutions can serve them better.

Chiefs' Win Puts Money In Our Pockets

Whether you're a football fan or not, if you live and work in Kansas City, this year’s Chiefs' season might have a positive affect on your wallet. 

Meet The Penguins At The Kansas City Zoo

Penguins in the cold temperature section of the new exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo.
Credit Esther Honig / KCUR

The $15 million Helzberg Penguin Plaza opens this week at the Kansas City Zoo. Hear about the new residents at the zoo, and dispel some myths about penguin behavior.