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Whoop De Doo Does Radio

Apr 20, 2011

Did you ever as a child sit down in front of the TV and laugh or sing along to those variety shows aired on public access television? 

Walt Bodine and co-host Charles Ferruzza discuss the greatest things between sliced bread. Plus, updates on some recent finds from the Food Critics. Join in the conversation!

Food Critics: The Best Sandwich in Town
Friday, March 25

Remembering Nate Dogg

Mar 21, 2011

From Homer to Shakespeare, bards have always used verse tell to tell the story of their times. One of hip hop artists best known for this is Nate Dogg – though, instead of stories about Trojan horses, vats of wine, and family feuds, his verses talk about fathers in prison, enjoying malt liquor, and drive by shootings.

Walt Bodine and The Food Critics return with new restaurant reviews and also take a look at local restaurants serving all day breakfast.

Walt Bodine and his food critics share details of their recent dining experiences and ideas for sweet spots to take your sweetie for Valentine's Day.

Choosing a Long Term Care Facility

Jan 24, 2011

Kansas City, MO –

Walt Bodine and his food critics share ideas for eating out without spending a bundle.

Walt Bodine's critics return with restaurant news and reviews. Plus, the critics and listeners share their favorite restaurant meal memories of the year.

Poverty on the Rise in Johnson County

Dec 8, 2010

The Johnson County Christmas Bureau, has opened its doors to their annual Holiday Shop at the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe, KS. This is their 50th year creating a shopping experience for low income families around the holidays.

Director Barb McNeil says that “Poverty” and “Johnson County” aren’t words often heard in the same sentence, they should be. Though the population in Johnson County grew by 2% last year, the number of families below the poverty line grew by 64%.

Walt Bodine's critics return with restaurant news and reviews. Plus some ideas on where to go for a traditional or non-traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Critic Recommendations

Latin Bistro and Culinary Center
6924 N. Oak Tfwy
Gladstone, MO
Tito Le Chef cooks in center of restaurant, funky, totally fun, not tex-mex, very authentic, mayan dishes, chili relleno was fabulous, shrimp is great, his bar is a cabinet.

The Wizards Sport a New Name

Nov 18, 2010
Sporting has a new logo that will appear on the team's T-shirts and bumper stickers.

Kansas City, MO – The wizards soccer team has waved a marketer's special re-branding wand and done away with their name. Instead of the wizards, they will now be called Sporting Kansas City.

Sporting Club COO Greg Cotton explains that the nickname for Sporting Kansas City will be "Sporting."

Walt Bodine's Food Critics return with another round of mouth watering restaurant suggestions.

Walt Bodine and his food critics take another turn at making our stomachs growl and our wallets groan.

Walt Bodine and guests weigh in on the city's best spaghetti, fettuccine, rigatoni, macaroni and and other great foods that one can find in the metro.

You can't do it every day. Not even every week. But sometimes you need to have a certain dessert?you know, "that dessert".

What should you do when your tummy rumbles after all the "good places" have shut down for the night? Fortunately, the metro area offers plenty of options besides inedible tacos and convenience store delicacies. Walt Bodine is joined by our Food Critics for a look at the best places for a decent late-night meal, plus all the latest Kansas City restaurant news.

Get the latest in KC area food news with The Walt Bodine Show's Food Critics

Walt Bodine and the Food Critics share restaurant news and reviews.

Walt Bodine welcomes back the Food Critics as they lather on the sunscreen and give us their picks for where to get fresh air and fresh food at the same time, plus the latest in local restaurant news.

Kansas City, MO –

Our Food Critics regale us with restaurant news and reviews. Plus, everyone weighs in with their favorite spots for great take-out food.

Once again, the ever popular Food Critics return to The Walt Bodine Show to share their favorite food places in the Kansas City area.

Walt Bodine's Food Critics return with delicious food finds from all around the city. In the second half, listen in as the panel searches for some good Cajun or Creole food choices in our area.

Walt Bodine's food critics return with delicious food finds from all around the city. In the second half, listen in as the panel takes a look at the much loved piece of pork known as bacon.


Recommendations of Mediterranean food around the metro, and our critics also provide general restaurant news and reviews.

Walt Bodine's Food Critics return to share their favorite restaurants and meals of 2009.

Today's food news and reviews is followed by a discussion of nuts, and the ways in which restaurants use them in tasty dishes, from salads to entrees to the ever-popular dessert.

Baby, it's cold outside! Warm up with some recommendations for great soups, stews, chowders, bisques, or whatever you like to call them. Our critics also provide general restaurant news and reviews.

Learn about restaurant closings, openings, and special Halloween events. Plus, a discussion about candy likes and dislikes.

Another action packed hour of restaurant news, events and recommendations. Plus, where are the best buffets?

Find out where to go and what to eat with The Food Critics on the Walt Bodine Show.