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Food Critics: Your Nontraditional Valentine

Forget the lobster and candlelight... how about spicy ceviche and mango smoothies? On this Walt Bodine Show, the Food Critics share ideas for taking your Valentine out for a nontraditional evening.

Now that traditional spots like the Peppercorn Duck Club and Skies Restaurant & Lounge have closed their doors, let's create our own traditions. And what's more romantic than heading to an Overland Park strip mall to order a fatty pork hot pot at an authentic Chinese restaurant? Or a trip to a Costco to blow your flowers/chocolates budget on groceries instead, while munching on $1.50 hot dogs?

Join Charles Ferruzza, co-host, The Pitch and Fat City Blog, Chris Becicka, Ingram's Magazine, Gloria Gale, 435 South Magazine, and Emily Farris, food writer, for this topic, plus, the latest restaurant news and reviews. Plus, a look back at Kansas City Restaurant Week.


Chris Becicka spoke about Conroy's Public House (where she found the ellusive Boulevard Chocolate Ale), 77 South in Leawood, Gusanos (1713 Village West), and Mi Ranchito.

Emily Farris recent visited 801 Chophouse for Kansas City Restaurant Week, and Mestizo.

Gloria Gale went to the Webster House for brunch ("great French toast"), the Bristol (couldn't get in the door around 6pm, had to eat at the bar during Restaurant Week), Hot Basil (has expanded since her last visit, "one of the best Thais in town.")


Paradise Cafe looks like it's closed
New Chef at Urban Table


Amore Chocolate Pizza Company (4821 West 117th Street  Leawood, KS)
Lidias (101 West 22nd Street  Kansas City, MO)
12 Baltimore (106 W 12th Street, Kansas City, MO)
Chaz on the Plaza (325 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO)
Jack Stack (various locations across the Metro)


Rozzelle Court at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Cassie let us know "Rozzelle Court does actually have table service on Friday nights now." More info.

Scarlet Orchard in Lawrence

Nolan writes: "I used to work at the Scarlet Orchid. Ma and Charles had to close down because they just couldn't turn a profit. The recession really took a toll. I think the location wasn't the best for them. But holy moly, I have never had better Taiwanese food. Ma would make food for the workers after hours, she maid a soft tofu soup that made each tofu piece taste like butter melting in your mouth."

Bates City BBQ

Scott shared he thinks the restaurant has "Excellent BBQ with great service and prices. Located at 67th and Quivira next to Nellie and Nico's Antique mall."

Baklava in the Northland

Tim wrote in to suggest Cafe Cedar in Parkville.

Diane shares, "Unquestionably the best baklava in the city is made by the Artist Sustainability Project - Sweet Dreams.  Go to the website, contact them and place your order.  They’ll deliver anywhere in town.  The baklava comes in a handcrafted/printed box, displayed in the most lovely fashion with 3 different types of pistachios, tea, and sugar crystals.  A great gift, but it’s so awesome sometimes I just order it to eat myself.

Brobecks Ham Salad

Clare writes, "Brobeck's ham salad also is on their menu as an appetizer and comes with house-made bbq potato chips and club crackers. They sell it by the pound to go for making sandwiches/dipping at home! Btw, the only time I've had ham loaf was at a funeral dinner...."

Martin City Brewing

Olde Gus writes, "Martin City Brewing has a fantastic 4-cheese grilled cheese sandwich.  Their chili is also very good.  It has a touch of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in it."


Emily writes to suggest, "Try the elk sausage on your pizza, not gamey, quite delicious!

Boulevard Chocolate Ale

Olde Gus writes, "The chocolate flavor is subtle at first, but becomes more pronounced with subsequent sips.  It's also higher alcohol content at 9.1%, similar to the Boulevard Tank 7."

Adam writes, "I had to take off work a half hour early in order to get to one of the few liquor stores in town that had Chocolate Ale still on the shelves. Out of nearly 10 stores, 8 said they had sold out of it, regardless of how much they ordered, in less than 4 hours! I managed to get 4 bottles and then spent the rest of Monday going to the few bars that served it on tap. Worth the effort? You be the judge!"