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Central Standard

Main Street Kansas City

During our last presidential election, there was a lot of talk about Main Street vs. Wall Street. But here in Kansas City, our Main Street is home to big-business and to small-businesses, to restaurants and to empty storefronts, to innovative theaters and payday lending shops.

If you’ve taken a look at our Main Street lately, you might have noticed some cosmetic changes between the Plaza and Armour Boulevard that community leaders hope will shape the way we do business and live our lives around this corridor. Coming up on Central Standard, a look at the history and changes happening to the streetscape of our own Main Street, with Diane Burnette, Executive Director ofMainCor, and Fred Wells, Director of Property Asset Management at American Century, the largest business on Main Street.

The idea of Main Street USA can evoke one people, and one place… but there are over 10,000 streets named Main in the US. Check out a project that is mapping the stories behind them all. It's called Mapping Main Street.

What makes our Main Street special? How have you seen it change in the last 30 years? Post your comments below or send an e-mail to centralstandard@kcur.org.