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Central Standard

The Best Eats In Kansas City's Historic Northeast

Russell Mondy

This year, KCUR is embarking on a project called "Beyond Our Borders," an attempt to take a closer look at the cultural and geographical borders in Kansas City.

The first border we are examining is Troost Avenue, which acts as a racial and socioeconomic dividing line in Kansas City's urban core. 

Part of this ongoing conversation about Troost included the Historic Northeast in Kansas City, a part of town that is well known for its racial, cultural and socioeconomic diversity. On Thursday's Central Standard, guests Charles Ferruzza​ and Bobbi Baker-Hughes sat down with Gina Kaufmann to highlight the cuisine that comes part and parcel with that diversity. 

Here are their picks for the best restaurants in the Northeast:

Cody Newill is part of KCUR's audience development team. Follow him on Twitter @CodyNewill or email him at cody@kcur.org.