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Food Critics: The Best Asian Noodles In Kansas City

Andrea Nguyen

Some slurp them, some swirl them and unfortunately, some cut them up. But with nearly endless varieties (even gluten-free), everyone eats noodles.

This week on Central Standard food critics Charles Ferruza, Jen Chen and Mary Bloch discussed Asian noodles of all sorts from the slurpy noodles in Vietnamese pho to the more saucy pad thai.

Here are their recommendations:

Listener suggestions:

  • Zen Zero (Thukpa) — 811 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kan.
  • Saigon 39 — 1806 1/2 W 39th Street, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Yakisoba brand noodles (Costco pre-packaged) — Costco locations
  • Ramen Bowls — 125 E 10th Street, Lawrence, Kan.
  • Cafe Gratitude (I am terrific) — 333 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo.

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A California native, Briana comes to KCUR by way of KMUW in Wichita, Kan. and KUSP in Santa Cruz, Calif.