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The Triumphs And Failures Of Online Dating In Kansas City

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Online dating doesn't seem any worse or fruitful than traditional dating, according to feedback we received this week from avid online daters in the Kansas City area.

Earlier this week, in anticipation of our storytelling event with NPR, "Storied: The Science of Online Dating," we asked our listeners: What are your online dating success and horror stories?

We heard a mix of recounts of dating mishaps and successful couplings.  

For instance, Lauren Manning tells us that she and her husband met in January 2011.

She said she was tired of dating men in St. Joseph, Mo. And he felt the same way "about southern Johnson County girls."

"We got married in June and together we've traveled all over this country, seen countless concerts, adopted a puppy, started a business and even put together a computer desk without a single fight yet," Manning tells us on Facebook. "I'd say it worked for us."

An electronic dating scene also helped Colleen Cunningham meet her husband in 2007. They now have two children together. 

"He worked about 5 minutes from where I lived, but both being introverts, our paths would likely never have crossed without online dating," Cunningham tells us on Facebook. "I think one reason it worked for us is that we jumped right into those 'don't discuss' topics (e.g. religion, politics, etc.) before we'd even met, and so knew we shared similar perspectives right away."

On the other side of the online dating spectrum, "Charly," who commented on kcur.org tells us about a dinner date gone wrong with a guy she met on Match.com.

"He ordered exactly what I ordered, a salad, and proceeded to eat like a Neanderthal," Charley said. "Oh, I didn't mention, when I walked into the restaurant, he was leaned up against the bar, gave me a once, twice, three time over and states 'not bad, you will do.'"

Kira Stevens tells us about an attractive online date who soured things with technology.

"I met a guy on tinder and thought he was really cute, but then he (proceeded) to message me a really ... for lack of a better word ... DISGUSTING excuse for a 'pickup line.'" 

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