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There’s No Place Like Home For Kansas Citians, Unless It’s Quiet Or There’s Booze

Terry Smemo
The beautiful sunsets in south central Kansas are one of the reasons Terry Smemo says he feels like the farmland there is a home away from home.

If you can’t be at home, find some peace and quiet.

That’s what we heard this week on social media when we asked, “Where are you most comfortable when you’re not at home?”  

Many of the responses were tied to the solace of the outdoors, particularly running trails and the woods. On Facebook, Michelle Hammack said her home away from home is a “dirt road.”

Some people preferred indoor silence.

“In a library, surrounded by books and quiet,” Andrea Broomfield tells us on Facebook.

Home is also where the alcohol is, apparently.

We received a slew of suggestions of various Kansas City-area watering holes in response to our question. Harry’s Country Club, Frank’s North Star Tavern in Lawrence, Rock & Run Brewery and Pub in Liberty, and Belvoir Winery, to name a few.

Other responses ranged from movie theaters to sports arenas — Sporting Kansas City’s Sporting Park, specifically.

A couple people who chimed in said they were most comfortable in places tied to communities, like the Kansas City Irish Center at Union Station.

Credit Terry Smemo
Launching high-power rockets with fellow Kloudbusters club members feels like a home away from home for Terry Smemo.

In an email, Terry Smemo said he feels most at home when he meets up with a high-power rocket club in south central Kansas. The club’s launch site is between the city of Argonia and the Oklahoma border on flat, treeless farmland.

Smemo said he feels “totally at peace” at the so-called Rocket Pasture.

“It doesn’t hurt that the place has beautiful sunsets nearly every evening!” Smemo writes us. “It also doesn’t hurt that my favorite people in the world are usually there, as well.”

Also on Thursday, KCUR’s Central Standard asked listeners to call in their favorite public gathering places in the Kansas City area. Check out some of their suggestions on this map.

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