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Family Ties Turn Royals Gear Into Treasures For Kansas City Fans

Courtesy Photo
Mary Mathews
What's your most prized Royals treasure? For Mary Mathews, it's these commerative 1985 World Series Christmas ornaments that belonged to her mother-in-law.

It turns out, some of the best Royals' stuff comes from family.


Credit Courtesy photo / Mandy Fiechtner
Mandy Fiechtner
When Mandy Fiechtner wore her late grandfather's 1970s 'Royalmania' T-shirt last year, she says the Royals won the next game.

Every Christmas, fond memories rush over Mary Mathews of loved ones who are no longer with her — and the Kansas City baseball team.  

When we asked fans this week to share their most loved Royals stuff, Mathews, of Grandview, Missouri, took a photo of two simple Christmas ornaments that commemorate the team's 1985 World Series win.

The ornaments, she tells us in a Facebook message, originally belonged to her mother-in-law, who died in 1995.

"We remember her when we bring out these ornaments," Mathews writes.

We heard about many other sentimental Royals memorabilia finds with connections to family this week.

Mandy Fiechtner, of Seattle, Washington, wears a 1970s "I've got Royalmania" T-shirt that belonged to her late grandfather to show team pride and to keep his memory alive.

Asked if she thought the shirt brought the Royals luck, she told us this in an online form via our Tell KCUR network: "I am not sure. But when I wore it to superhero day at school, we won the next game of the playoffs last year."

And some Royals treasures were a little less tangible.

Here's a sampling of some of the other prized Royals gear that fans shared with us. Maybe some day they'll pass down these items to their grandchildren:

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