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Suburbs Of The Future (Is That Even What Millennials Want?)

Future Atlas

According to a recent report from the Census Bureau, more millennials are moving out of the inner city and into the suburbs. But are they leaving because they actually want to? Today, a discussion on the reasons why young adults are moving out of the urban core and how their generation may change the future of suburbia.


  • Daniel Serda, inSITE planning
  • Beth Dawson, Senior Land-use Planner at MARC
  • Scott Lane, Reece Nichols Real Estate
Gina Kaufmann is the host of Real Humans By Gina Kaufmann. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.
Matthew Long-Middleton has been a talk-show producer, community producer and now is the Media Training Manager with America Amplified. You can reach him at, or on Twitter.