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Seg. 1: Perspective from Ukraine | Seg. 2: Hispanic Lowrider Club | Seg. 3: 50 States of Mind


Segment 1: How Ukranians view the whistleblower case

For many Americans, the whistleblower scandal surrounding President Trump is a matter of politics and presidency. For the other country involved, Ukraine, the perception of these events is part of a larger web of scandals.

  • Anna Yakutenko, Journalist for Kyiv Post

Segment 2: Hispanic Leadership Lowrider Bike Club

While Erik Erazo was working as a security guard at an Olathe high school, he saw Hispanic kids struggling with something he recognized from his own youth-- gangs. So he started the Hispanic Leadership Club to meet what he considered their real need for community.

  • Erik Erazo, Coordinator of Diversity and Engagement, Olathe Public Schools
  • Ulises Ibarra, Graduate of Hispanic Leadership Lowrider Bike Club

Segment 3: 5o States of Mind 

For his Master's thesis, Ryan Bernsten embarked on a trip through all 50 states to understand American democracy. The stories he collected are now the basis for a podcast. 

  • Ryan Bernsten, creator, 50 States of Mind

Brian Ellison is a guest host of talk shows, newscasts, special coverage and community events for KCUR. Follow him on Twitter @ptsbrian.
Gina Kaufmann is the host of Real Humans By Gina Kaufmann. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.