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Seg. 1: The Pronunciation Of Missouri | Seg. 2: Life After Deportation

Segment 1: Why do some people say Missou-ree and some say Missou-rah? And what are the political ramifications of saying one or the other?

It turns out we've been having this debate for basically forever, and which way you say it has a lot to do with parts of your identity. Some people feel really strongly there's a right way to say it, while others have never thought much about it. The people that pay the most attention to it are politicians.

Segment 2, beginning at 35:25: How deportations from 2019 are still impacting people in 2020.

When immigrants get deported, families are often broken up, divided by borders. If they can't physically be together, how do they make it work? We check in with a few stories after some time has passed.

  • Steve Stegall, owner, Blue Line Bar
  • Jessica Piedra, immigration lawyer and community advocate
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