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Seg. 1: A Massive Memorial Of Chemical Warfare. Seg. 2: Cynicism And Hope In Putin's Russia

John Singer Sargent
Public Domain
'Gassed,' completed in 1919, was a strong departure from John Singer Sargent's bread-and-butter artwork, which took a more domestic tack.

Segment 1: A great and dreadful tableau of Great War horrors.

Kansas City's National World War I Museum and Memorial is playing host to a vivid reminder of the brutality of chemical warfare. It's a 9-foot-tall, 21-foot-long oil painting by a man who was more known at the time for his sensitive portraits, and it's making its Midwest debut in the museum's new space, the Wylie Gallery. Today, we explored what makes John Singer Sergeant's opus so memorable, and so haunting.

'Gassed' will be on display February 23 through June 3 at the National World War I Museum and Memorial. For more information, visit TheWorldWar.org.

Segment 2, beginning at 18:51: An insider's perspective on the modern Russian mind and media.

His parents left Russia in the early 1990s, but Michael Idov returned in 2011 for what he describes as an opportunity of a lifetime. While there as head of GQ Russia, Idov got a first-hand look at the deep-seated cynicism that's taken root in the country, and the sparks of hope that older Moscovites have in the next generation's ability to make Russia great again.

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