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Seg. 1: Panhandling And Pedestrian Safety In Kansas City. Seg. 2: The Vitality Of Contemporary Jazz.

Man in dirty jeans, a t-shirt and ball cap walking along a concrete median holding a cardboard sign out to cars along the road.
Hanlly Sam / The Accent
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A proposed pedestrian safety ordinance would deter panhandlers from Kansas City crosswalks and intersections.

Segment 1: A proposed ordinance would limit the amount of time pedestrians could spend in crosswalks and traffic islands.

Though it doesn't use the word "panhandling" at all, a proposed ordinance introduced last week in the Kansas City Council clearly has the practice in its sights. Today, we ask a supporter of the proposal and a legal expert about its consitutional implications, and whether or not curbing road-side begging would keep people from being taken advantage of, or simply punish the poor.

Segment 2, beginning at 23:11: How jazz has changed since the turn of the century.

For those who think jazz's golden age ended in the 1950s or 60s, critic Nate Chinen would urge you to reconsider. In a loving treatment of the contributions made by contemporary musicians, he makes a strong case for changing the focus from the legacies of geniuses lost to the freedom, flexibility and verve that modern practitioners bring to this distinctly American art form.

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Luke X. Martin is associate producer of KCUR’s Up To Date. Contact him at or on Twitter, @lukexmartin.