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Seg. 1: Making Sense Of Missouri's Medical Pot Proposals. Seg. 2: Kansas City's Most Majestic Homes.

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The District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and 31 states now allow for public medical marijuana. Missouri could join them if voters approve one or more ballot questions dealing with the issue on Nov. 6.

Segment 1: Three separate ballot measures aim to allow medical marijuana in the Show-Me State.

Whereas a medical marijuana measure failed to even make it on the ballot in 2016, this November Missouri voters will decide on three separate ones. To clear up the confusion around each proposal, we discussed the details of each — Amendment 2, Amendment 3 and Proposition C — and got some national perspective on an issue that many states are putting to voters.

Segment 2, beginning at 27:07: A showcase of Kansas City's most stately mansions.

It's no New York or Chicago, but Kansas City has a rich tradition when it comes to residential architecture. Today, we explored the history of some of the most luxurious habitations in town, and the (mostly white) men who designed, financed and built them.

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