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Seg. 1: Filling Teacher Vacancies | Seg. 2: School Bus Drivers

Segment 1: School across Kansas and Missouri struggle each year to fill teaching positions.

Having enough teachers to fill classrooms is a perennial problem for schools in all parts of the Kansas City metro. Raytown Schools has created a novel way to address the shortage in their district, but several factors, including pay, are working against Missouri and Kansas districts' efforts to attract and retain qualified talent.

Segment 2, beginning at 24:38: Stories from behind the school bus steering wheel.

They play a critical role in getting kids to school (and back home) every day, but their influence and impact on the day-to-day lives of school children is often overlooked. Two experienced drivers described their favorite parts of the job, and how they approach some of the challenges it can bring.

  • Brooke Winfield, Student Transportation of America bus driver for Kansas City Public Schools
  • Tom Ott, Student Transportation of America terminal manager and bus driver for Center School District
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