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Seg. 1: State Of Agriculture | Seg. 2: Four-Day Work Weeks

Segment 1: Flooded fields and fallout from trade wars could mean another rocky year for farmers.

Climate change, flooding, and bankruptcies are just a few of farming's biggest issues — a list that spans a country mile. With voices from Kansas and Missouri, representing small farmers and Big Ag, we dug through the biggest obstacles facing farmers going into 2020.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:45: Despite their appeal and proven results, four-day work weeks still aren't a reality for most Americans.

The bliss of a regular three-day weekend is a rarity for most workers in the United States, but companies elsewhere are beginning to embrace a four-day week and cashing in on higher sales and employee productivity. We explored what's stopping the practice from taking hold here.

  • Judy Ancel, former director of Worker Education and Labor Studies at UMKC and host of the Heartland Labor Forum on KKFI
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