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Seg. 1: State Of Agriculture | Seg. 2: Four-Day Work Weeks

Segment 1: Flooded fields and fallout from trade wars could mean another rocky year for farmers.

Climate change, flooding, and bankruptcies are just a few of farming's biggest issues — a list that spans a country mile. With voices from Kansas and Missouri, representing small farmers and Big Ag, we dug through the biggest obstacles facing farmers going into 2020.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:45: Despite their appeal and proven results, four-day work weeks still aren't a reality for most Americans.

The bliss of a regular three-day weekend is a rarity for most workers in the United States, but companies elsewhere are beginning to embrace a four-day week and cashing in on higher sales and employee productivity. We explored what's stopping the practice from taking hold here.

  • Judy Ancel, former director of Worker Education and Labor Studies at UMKC and host of the Heartland Labor Forum on KKFI
Steve Kraske is the host of KCUR's Up To Date. Follow him on Twitter @stevekraske.