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6 Dreamy Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Urban Matter
Jimmy Buffett performing at Wrigley Field. Buffett plays the Sprint Center this weekend in Kansas City

We've all woken up from wonderful dreams that defy clear recollection. Darn it!

Avoid the frustration by dreaming with your eyes open this weekend, with the help of events steeped in promises of perfect love, escapist nirvana and eternal childhood, among other dreamy imaginings.

The good news: You'll remember everything. The bad: They're still only dreams. Darn it!

1. The Great Love Debate

Brian Howie is "America's No. 1 dating enthusiast," well, according to Time magazine. Sounds like the media might be his sweetheart. The comic, podcaster and author of “How to Find Love in 60 Seconds” will host his amusingly interactive touring show focused on the question: “Why is everybody still single?” Gee, I don’t know, maybe because they’re only taking a minute to find love. Anyway, those 21 and older interested in pursuing the romantic upside of things can participate in Howie’s public debate – with gals seated on one side and guys on the other – and learn how to identify and nurture a truly special someone amid the mixed-up milieu of sex, dating and relationships. Dream on.

Thursday 7:30 p.m.; Kansas City Improv, 7260 N.W 87th St. at Zona Rosa, Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $20.

2. Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band

Although already well on his way to establishing what would become a signature laidback persona, it took the 1977 album, “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” and its career-defining hit, “Margaritavillhttps://youtu.be/i4DAZcowm5k?t=52s">e,” to put Jimmy Buffett on a seemingly perpetual island vacation. Thank goodness he’s been so successful – the cost of so much sun tan oil alone would cripple any ordinary beach bum. Buffett’s treasure chest of “gulf and western” tunes, which pleasantly blend sand and surf with a subtle country music vibe, will have his Parrot Head fans in full party mode this weekend at Sprint Center. Even so, my favorite Buffett song, 1974’s yearning “Come Monday,” has nothing to do with the man’s sun-drenched ways and everything to do with the woman he can’t wait to see again. Come Saturday, he’ll sing it again. Like a dream.

Saturday, 8 p.m.; Sprint Center, 1407 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $36-$146.

3. Apocalyptica

Finnish cello metal – who knew? Certainly, hardcore fans of Apocalyptica, the classically trained quartet of hard-rocking cellists from Helsinki, Finland, whose 1996 debut album was all Metallica covers, including “Creeping Death,” “Harvester of Sorrow” and “Enter Sandman.” Sleep tight, kiddies! The result was an inspired, edgy world of surrealist sounds that still captivate – enough so to instigate the group’s current nostalgia tour keyed to those same Metallica covers. It’s like the dream that you keep dreaming!

Friday, 8 p.m.; Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $35, $45.

4. 'Peter Pan'

The story of the boy who never grows a day older – because he’d rather play forever in Never Never Land – gets the Kansas City Ballet treatment with dreamy new choreography by KC Ballet Artistic Director Devon Carney and accompaniment by the Kansas City Symphony. All of the tale’s well-known characters will be on hand, led by the whimsical Peter Pan attempting to vanquish the vengeful Captain Hook, that is, unless a famished croc with a ticking tummy doesn’t get him first. If you’re wondering how the ballet manages all of those flying dancers (spoiler alert) on wires, check out a pre-curtain talk hosted by Carney one hour before the show.

Thursday and Friday, 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, 2 and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, 2 p.m.; Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, 1601 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $64-$134.

5. British Gala KC

Because of the six-hour time-zone differential, Saturday’s royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in England should be a wrap when British Gala KC gets underway. But there’ll no better hangout for local anglophiles to hobnob about the dreamy union. If you’re inner Brit just won’t quit, then you’ll want to be part of this seventh annual celebration offering delightful British food, tea and entertainment, including the UK-lele Orchestra of KC. By George, I think I’ve got it!

Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Ararat Event Center, 5100 Ararat Dr., Kansas City, Mo.; admission: $5 (free to ages 10 and younger).

6. ‘Disney’s The Lion King’

Scattered seats at original box-office prices may still remain for this weekend’s performances of the touring Broadway show, “Disney’s the Lion King.” Or you may have to give up on the dream of staying out of the more expensive secondary ticket market to see this dream-embracing musical based on the Disney animated classic about what it means to take your place in the “circle of life.” What price feel-good fantasy? Whatever it takes, Simba.

Thursday and Friday, 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, 2 and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, 1 and 6:30 p.m.; Music Hall, 301 W. 13th St., Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $60-$147.

Brian McTavish is a regular arts and culture contributor for KCUR 89.3. You can reach him at brianmctavish@gmail.com. 

Brian McTavish follows popular culture in the belief that the search for significance can lead anywhere. Brian explains, "I've written articles and reviews ... reviewed hundreds of concerts, films and plays. And the thing is, these high arts all sprang from the pop culture of their day. Don't forget: Shakespeare was once Spielberg."
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