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Computer Guys: Apps & Tablets

Dec 16, 2012

It is expected that there will be 68.5 million more tablets in this world by the end of this year, providing roughly $29.1 billion in sales


The internet is a limitless source of information and has provided us a new avenue for dialog and discussion.  But, when conversations are logged in perpetuity, open to the world and never ending, do they lose relevance?

For the longest time the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) was the dominant player in computing.  Then Apple introduced its OS and has since overtaken Microsoft.

Computer Guys: Data Storage

Sep 16, 2012

On this Monday's Central Standard, learn about data centers and cloud storage. Just how secure is our data?

We'll also discuss Apple's new iPhone5, and the upcoming iPad Mini. Plus, news on new ultra-high-definition television. Join us as we discuss these and other technology news headlines with the Computer Guys, I.T. Pro Thos. O'Brien and Mac expert George Costello.

Computer Guys: Technology News Galore

Aug 10, 2012
selva / flickr

On this Monday's Central Standard, learn about the new Swedish religion with a central dogma that file sharing is sacred.

Computer Guys: Application Permissions

Jul 23, 2012

Have you ever wondered why your flashlight app wants to know your exact location? Why the cute cat video wants to post on your Facebook wall? And how annoying is when your finance software asks your mom for gas money? On this Monday's Central Standard, a look at what we give permission to and why.

Computer Guys: Appy Hour

Jun 8, 2012

On this Monday's Central Standard, join the Computer Guys for Appy Hour. We'll discuss apps that can make your life easier, or provide endless hours of distraction.

Computer Guys: The Internet Of Things

May 14, 2012
Andy Bardill / Flickr

As of 2008, the number of inanimate objects connected to the Internet exceeded the world population. Experts predict that by the year 2020, there will be more than 50 billion things, from animals to toasters, connected to the web.

Computer Guys: What Privacy?

Apr 16, 2012

In a world where we might all someday wear glasses that check the weather, give us directions, and let us take photos… where do you draw the line?

Computer Guys: Tech Tools For Entrepreneurs

Mar 26, 2012
Maurits Doetjes / Flickr

On this Monday's Central Standard, a look at the technology tools available to help you launch your new business.

Computer Guys: Cyber Security

Feb 13, 2012

In Russia, a worm called Koobface wiggled away with millions of dollars using social networks like Facebook.

Computer Guys: Who Controls the Net?

Jan 25, 2012

Last Wednesday, you might have headed to Wikipedia to look up Marlon Brando, the currency in Guam, or (random Wikipedia page). We’re not gonna ask. But, that Wednesday, visitors found a blackout protest, asking them to to imagine a world without free knowledge.

Tech Jobs: The Ticket to the Easy Life?

Dec 12, 2011

In this episode of Central Standard, we ask if all IT jobs are handsomely paid and future-proof.

Let's take a look at some common myths and important realities of the IT industry with the Computer Guys. Plus, we'll hear from local IT recruiters about where growth is happening here in Kansas City.

Computer Guys: Patent Law

Oct 10, 2011
orangesparrow / Flickr

There's a lot more to that One-Click buying button you see on than just easier online shopping. Behind the scenes, lawsuits rage and those who develop new technology scramble for patents. For this show, the Computer Guys, George Costelle and Thos. O'Brian, stop by and are bringing along Jim Kernell, a Patent/IP attorney.


Using Technology To Travel

Sep 19, 2011
Ed Yourdon / Flickr

If you have a smartphone, it probably goes everywhere with you… but, what if you’re leaving the country? Can you charge your iPad in Costa Rica? And much will your mobile phone company charge for roaming in Malaysia? Join the Computer Guys as they search for the best ways to avoid technology snafus on your travels abroad.

Computer Guys: The True Cost of a Computer Virus

Aug 15, 2011
stuartpilbrow / Flickr

Today on the show, we ask the Computer Guys to tell us everything they know about how we can protect ourselves from a computer virus, and exactly how much that should cost. Is free antivirus software more expensive than the paid version? Where can you get a reliable rating of the various anti-virus products, and what devices need protecting? Is there an anti-virus pill you can take?