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Segment 1: The most reliable source of qualified teachers now produces half the candidates it once did.

The number of undergraduate education degrees awarded every year peaked in the early 1970s at almost 194,000. Today that number is less than 92,000. Two college deans discuss the challenges of bringing future teachers into the education major, meeting the need for special education and bilingual educators, and graduating teachers more reflective of today's diverse communities.

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Free public transportation is a bold initiative, and the head of Kansas City's regional transit agency thinks it's viable for Kansas City.

Robbie Makinen, president and CEO of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, has been a leading proponent of several programs aiming to improve the efficiency of bus service in the region.

But he wants improvements to go beyond the physical transportation itself.

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Kansas City is now the 31st largest metro area in the United States, dropping from 30th in 2017. New estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate the Austin, Texas, metro area surpassed Kansas City in 2018.