Susan Blaser

Utility lines emitting enough amperage to easily stop the human heart. Working on those lines while dangling from the side of a telephone pole 50 feet in the air is a career many people might shy away from.

But it’s a job that’s necessary and in demand.

"About 15 percent of lineworkers nationwide will be eligible for retirement within the next three years, and they're retiring faster than they're being replaced," said Susan Blaser, lineman program coordinator at Metropolitan Community College's Business & Technology campus near I-435 and Front Street in Kansas City.

Fab Lab Goes 3D At MCC

Feb 14, 2013
Maria Carter / KCUR

A concept that started at MIT more than a decade ago is making its mark in the Kansas City area.  It’s called Fab Lab.  That’s short for fabrication laboratory.  It’s home to cutting edge technology such as a laser engraver and 3d printers plus tools and machinery seen in high school shop classes.