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Brandon Parigo / UMKC

Married for more than a decade, Joel Barrett and David Seymour moved to Kansas City from South Bend, Indiana, in 2016. In that short time, they’ve become loyal KCUR supporters.

How did you first become interested in public radio?

J: My sister is 12 years older than me, and when she was in college she would listen to NPR. I thought my sister was pretty cool and smart, so that got me interested. Now, the public radio station wherever I live is always the first preset on my radio dial. It’s kind of like that familiar friend you can find wherever you go.

KCUR’s on-air membership drive has concluded. Thank you to everyone who became a member for the first time or renewed their membership!

And a big THANK YOU to our volunteers, corporate partners and food donors who made this membership drive possible!