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In these heady weeks of, well, transition… perhaps you’ve found yourself asking, “What happens next?” Sports fans know there's no such thing as a sure thing. And, as Victor Wishna explains in 'A Fan's Notes,' that's the point.

Uncertainty. It’s a word you might be hearing a lot right now. And whether you’re jubilant or traumatized or just bewildered, you’re probably feeling it, too. Can’t think why.

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Few will argue against the notion that the Royals' recent run to a World Series title has been a good thing for Kansas City. The New York Times is lauding the metro's "resurgence" and newfound "swagger." Deadspin is fawning over the record-breaking turnout at Tuesday's victory parade. 

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If you've watched the World Series at all this year (and if you live in Kansas City there is a very good chance you have, according to FOX's TV ratings) then you know 'Fur Hat Lady.' She's this year's 'Marlins Man.' 

There she is, peeking over the shoulder of right-handed batters and boring her sunglass-gaze into your deeper conscious. 


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This story was rebroadcast as part of our best-of 2015 series. It was originally reported in October 2015.    

Ask a Royals' fan about FOX announcer Joe Buck, and you might get a response like Adam Jones'.  

"I think it's safe to say he did not call last year's World Series with any kind of objectivity."

The Royals were on their deathbed Monday afternoon, down four runs heading into the 8th inning. It didn’t end that way, thanks to a five-run rally to finish the inning. Now they face the deciding game against the Astros tonight at Kauffman Stadium.


  • KCUR’s Jeremy Bernfeld and Greg Echlin have been covering the Royals during the 2015 playoff run.

They've been living and breathing Royals' baseball all season long. On this edition of Up To Date, a roundtable of sports journalists tell what it's been like to cover the boys in blue, and what they expect from them in the postseason.


  • Andy McCullough covers the Royals beat for the Kansas City Star.
  • Sam Mellenger is a sports columnist for the Kansas City Star.
  • Vahe Gregorian is a sports columnist for the Kansas City Star.

City of Kansas City, Missouri.

Baltimore Avenue in Kansas City has a new name ... for now.

Mayor Sly James explained the temporary blue and white street signs to his fellow council members during Thursday's business session.

As his colleagues chuckled, James declared, “There are a number of people who live on Baltimore Avenue that do not want to live on Baltimore during the playoffs and they have asked that we try to rename it – so we will be introducing a resolution temporarily renaming Baltimore Avenue to "Royals Avenue.”

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For the first time since 1985, the Royals have made the playoffs, finally putting an end to the longest post-season drought in professional baseball history. How are fans and city officials adjusting to the possibility of winning?


  • Greg Echlin, freelance sports reporter, KCUR
  • Mark McHenry, Kansas City Parks and Recreation

Royals In The Play-offs?

Aug 22, 2013
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It's nearly September, and the Royals have won more games than they've lost. This might seem like a minor achievement, but here in Kansas City, this is a huge deal. We haven't had a winning season since 2003 and before that, 1994.  An entire generation of baseball fans have not seen the Royals do well. To put this into perspective, Eric Hosmer, the Royals' first baseman is 23 years old. He was born in 1989, a full 4 years after the Royals last made the play-offs (and went on to win the World Series).