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Sinjun Strom

Lenexa native Christopher Good is headed to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. In the past he’s gone just for the experience, but this year he is going as a professional, one whose film is included in the U.S. Narrative Short Films category.

Good was in France when the festival's lineup was finalized in December, so he missed the phone call and received the news via email.

Segment 1: Fight the winter blues with adorable baby animals.

The Kansas City Zoo welcomed a baby king penguin named Blizzard. We hear about how Blizzard and other new babies are doing, along with the ways animals are "encouraged" to mate.

  • Sean Putney, Senior Director of Zoological Operations, Kansas City Zoo

Segment 2, beginning at 16:30: Kansas City filmmaker's latest work selected for Sundance Film Festival.

Well Go USA

If this weekend's AFC Champshionship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots doesn't strike your fancy, and building a snowman just isn't your style, head to your nearest movie theater to see one of the recomended flicks from Up to Date's indie, foreign, and documentary Film Critics. 

​Steve Walker

"Burning," not rated

Focus Features

Segment 1: River of Refuge is a nonprofit organization that helps transition homeless families into permanent housing.

Jonathan Wenk / Focus Features

By Monday, legislatures in Topeka, Jefferson City and Washington will all be back in session and, like it or not, political battles will have largely reclaimed the nation's attention after a holiday respite that was far too short. For those looking to hide from the political fray for just one more weekend, Up To Date's indie, foreign, and documentary Film Critics recommendations could provide just the escape. 

Steve Walker

"On the Basis of Sex," PG-13

Magnolia Pictures

New Year, new you, right? Resolutions can be tough to keep, but a trip to the theater might be enough to help you stick to it (or at least muddle through). There's nothing like watching others overcome obstacles to put things in perspective. This weekend's recommendations from Up To Date's indie, foreign, and documentary Film Critics can provide plenty of that. Dig in!

Cynthia Haines

"Roma," R

Benoit Delhomme / CBS Films

Biopics capturing the true essence of people and the life around them are drawing in viewers as the New Year approaches.  Actors gracing the big screen are channeling roles as political leaders, royalty and a tormented artist. The latest recommendations from Up To Date's indie, foreign, and documentary Film Critics do more than just take you back in history, they provide myriad views on turmoil from the political to the personal.

Steve Walker

"Vice," R

Union County Public Schools

Segment 1: Dr. Charles Foust believes award-winning schools will be a boon for Kansas City, Kansas residents and businesses.

There were some doubters when Dr. Charles Foust came to Kansas City, Kansas this summer as the new superintendent of the city's schools.  After several months in the district Dr. Foust believes there is a better understanding between himself and the community and that as superintendent, "I'm actually living my dream right now."  He shared his goals for students, teachers and adminstrators as they enter 2019.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

Plot lines dealing with power and privilege are featured prominently in cinema as 2018 draws to a close. But the downtrodden among us — maids, the mentally ill and addicts, for instance — are getting screen time, too. The latest recommendations from Up To Date's indie, foreign and documentary Film Critics will likewise give you a window into the lives of those at the height of their power, and those at the lowest of lows.

Cynthia Haines

"Roma," R

Two woman dressed in 18th century dresses, one is doing the other's hair.
Yorgos Lanthimos / Fox Searchlight

And, suddenly, 2019 is nearly upon us! For those looking to ignore the trials of time gone by, Up To Date's indie, foreign and documentary Film Critics have recommendations sure to wisk you away. Immerse yourself in early 18th-century England, amongst wars and queens, experience the mundanity of life in 1970s Mexico City, or maybe something closer a little closer to home. Whatever you chose, take a break this weekend from the exhaustive final weeks of 2018.

Steve Walker

Vanilafeel / Wikimedia Commons

Whether you're looking for relief from intense Christmas gift-buying or you're seeking escape from all the things you have yet to get done, this weekend's recommendations from Up To Date's indie, foreign and documentary Film Critics should offer some respite. Consider the luxe life of a Greek-American opera goddess, give thanks your life of letters isn't built on a fraud, or get caught up with an officer manning an emergency dispatch line.

A blonde women with short hair and glasses sits at a microphone. She is wearing a black blouse and floral shirt.
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Segment 1: Two-term Jackson County prosecuter is vying for additional role as Missouri Democratic Party leader.

A blonde woman wearing an eyepatch and all black stands in front of a map with pins in it.
Aviron Pictures

Don't settle for a cold and rainy Kansas City this weekend! Travel the world with esteemed journalist Marie Colven, immerse yourself in Nordic lifestyle, or tag along on a crime investigation in Copenhagen. The latest recommendations from Up To Date's indie, foreign and documentary Film Critics will take you on a global adventure.

Steve Walker

"The Guilty," R


Variety shows aren’t all gongs and spangles.

Besides simply being entertaining, such shows are ways for artists to help build their fan bases by “cross-pollinating audiences,” says Stephanie Roberts, a theater professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

She first saw this work when she lived in Seattle and was part of a company called Annex Theatre, which hosted a variety show called “Spin the Bottle.”

A female security guard stands in front a man with shoulder length hair. He is wearing a brown jakcet. The security guard is checking his bag.

Feeling stuffed but unsatisfied after the big Thanksgving meal? Recommendations from Up To Date's indie, foreign and documentary Film Critics have just what you need to feed your emotions. Whether it's family tradition to see a Thanksgiving movie, or you just want an escape from the fridge of leftovers and your own lack of self-control, these are the best movies to see this holiday weekend.