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Thank you for supporting Classical KC during our spring membership drive

Thank you for supporting Classical KC with your contributions!

Thank you for helping to make Classical KC's spring membership drive a big success! Your support powers 24/7 classical music in Kansas City. Enjoy a playlist of selections from our guest curators to continue the celebration.

During our spring membership drive, we had our guests curate playlists that reflected the depth and breadth of classical music. Please enjoy a playlist including some of their selections, and thank you for your support.

March 9

8-10 AM: Brooke Knoll
10 AM-12 PM: Dan Margolies
12-2 PM: Shelley Washington
2-4 PM: Timothy Tharaldson
4-6 PM: Calvin Arsenia

March 10

8-10 AM: Josh Sosland
10 AM-12 PM: Tony Maglione
12-2 PM: Isaac Cates
2-4 PM: Shelly Freeman
4-6 PM: Leah Sproul

March 11

8-10 AM: Steve Paul
10 AM-12 PM: Mitch Brian
12-2 PM: Sascha Groschang and Laurel Parks
2-4 PM: Alison DeSimone
4-5 PM: Stephen Steigman

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