Ryan Wilks

A Kansas City Artist's Exhibition Called 'Hell' Invites More Than One Type Of Prayer

Kansas City artist Ryan Wilks' new exhibition at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center attracted a group of women who formed a circle and prayed. It's not uncommon, Wilks says, for Christians to offer help with eternal salvation. Wilks used to be offended by the behavior, but in this case it only provoked a shrug. "The title itself, 'Hell' — it's blasphemy," says Wilks (who prefers plural pronouns). So they understand the women's impulse.

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Symphony in The Flint Hills

Leaders of Symphony in the Flint Hills, an organization whose main event is an annual outdoor concert by the Kansas City Symphony that draws as many as 7,000 people, canceled the event this weekend after storms damaged the site of the performance.

“As all of us know who live in the Midwest, the environment determines the terms of our culture, and boy did that happen today,” said Leslie VonHolten, executive director of the Symphony in the Flint Hills, in a short video posted to Facebook on Saturday.


A Kansas law that caps jury awards for noneconomic damages — things like pain and suffering — violates the right to a trial by jury, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Friday.

“This is huge,” said attorney Thomas M. Warner Jr., who represented Diana K. Hilburn, the plaintiff in the case. “We’ve had these caps on the books since 1986 in Kansas. Basically, the politicians decided that they would be in a better position to determine the amount of damages for noneconomic damages than juries. And so this decision allows juries to make that decision again.”

Members of the group Keep Reno Heavenly showed a mix of emotions after the Reno County Commission denied NextEra Energy a permit to build a wind farm in the southeastern part of the county.

On one hand, all of its efforts had paid off. Members of the group had worked for months to organize and participate in public hearings, and they finally got the result they wanted — the proposed 220 megawatt wind farm with more than 80 turbines reaching 500 feet in the air would not be built.

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The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday effectively ended a nearly decade-long lawsuit by ruling that state lawmakers finally sent enough money to local school districts.

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Many advocates and politicians push universal background checks on gun purchases as a way to decrease gun violence. But researchers at John Hopkins say there’s a more effective solution to preventing homicide and suicide: requiring a license to purchase a handgun.

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In the middle of June, Patricia MacHolmes travelled from Chicago to Kansas City for the baseball, the wine, the food and the museums — in particular, the "30 Americans" exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins.

As she walked around the exhibition on a Wednesday afternoon, MacHolmes said she was taken by how 90 pieces of art tell a story about African Americans.

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To minimize the risk that an undercount could negatively affect future federal funding for the Kansas City metropolitan area, a regional effort is underway to boost participation in the 2020 Census.

Chris Neal for the Kansas News Service

Education officials in Kansas are taking a two-pronged approach to reducing teacher shortages: raising pay and fast-tracking teaching assistants and other professionals to the front of the classroom.

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Student plaintiffs from a National School Walkout lawsuit have received their letters of apology from the Shawnee Mission School District.

The letters were part of the settlement the students reached with the district earlier this year, said Lauren Bonds, the legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas.

Kansas City, Kansas' Schlitterbahn Waterpark May Have Found Its Next Owner

Jun 13, 2019
Kansas City Business Journal

Schlitterbahn’s days in Kansas City could be numbered.

Cedar Fair LP, the Ohio-based theme and water park operator that owns Worlds of Fun, announced early Thursday morning that it had reached a deal with Schlitterbahn to buy two of its Texas parks — in New Braunfels and Galveston — for $261 million, with an option to acquire its Kansas City, Kan., location for an additional $6 million.


The Micro-Apartment Trend Stirs Controversy Kansas City

Are tiny apartments a viable option for folks seeking "affordable housing" downtown, or do they cater to people making lifestyle choices?

KCUR Hosts Mayoral Debate Driven By Residents’ Concerns

Steve Kraske and candidates Jolie Justus and Quinton Lucas discuss the future of accessible transportation, affordable housing and integrating the city.