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This stretch of I-670 downtown will be capped as part of a proposed $160 million project.
Frank Morris
Kansas City lawmakers recently approved millions in state and federal funding for the four-block South Loop project, getting them significantly closer to their fundraising goal. Officials hope the first half of the park could be finished by the 2026 World Cup.
KCUR's newsroom and audience development team are hiring for multiple positions, including reporters.
  • Alishia Maxwell
    The multi-talented musician and artist from Kansas City, Kansas, chats about her creative process, going back to school and showing up as her full authentic self.
  • Sarah Gonzales-McLinn didn't know what was in store for her when she moved into Hal Sasko's house in Lawrence. This image was taken on the day she moved in.
    Kansas Reflector
    Sarah Gonzales-McLinn was 19 when she murdered 52-year-old Harold Sasko in January 2014. He had allegedly raped her, controlled her financially, coerced her into getting plastic surgery, and held her captive in his Lawrence home for months. She is now seeking clemency on her sentence from Gov. Laura Kelly.