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KCUR/Photos by Bek Shackelford Nwanganga
As Kansas City’s first Black-owned housing co-op, Parade Park helped residents pursue the American Dream of owning a home and building a community. But after 60 years, it’s uncertain if it can survive foreclosure and redevelopment.
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  • PHKC_DocAnnie_square.jpg
    David White, KCUR 89.3
    Images Courtesy Of Parker Smith and Kati Ray
    This isn't the first time Missouri has banned abortions. Residents may have heard ghoulish tales of “Doc Annie” Smith, a physician who looms large in Missouri’s mythology for performing illegal abortions in the early 1900s. Today, the truth about her work has largely disappeared.
  • Brewers Kitchen Burger
    Brewer's Kitchen
    Whether you like them smashed, pub style or vegetarian, Kansas City has a burger for every taste.
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