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Sound Currents
Sundays 11 a.m. - noon, Wednesdays 8 - 9 p.m.

Sound Currents is an hour-long music show featuring classical music of today, with themes and discussion of what gives new pieces that special something. Some of these pieces will stretch your ears and some will delight your senses; all will take you on a journey of discovering new composers and new music.

Hosted by violinist Laurel Parks and cellist Sascha Groschang, listen as they bring their fun, light, and unique perspective on the current sounds of classical music to the airwaves in Kansas City.

  • 20210923_bk_jeremyharmancellist
    Courtesy of artist
    On this week's Sound Currents, explore music that is influenced — in a variety of ways — through jazz, tango, and improvisatory music. Guest Jeremy Harman joins host Sascha and Laurel for a show that'll help you get your groove on!
  • 20210917_bk_paulrudy
    Knoll, Brooke
    Courtesy of artist
    Experience a full day through music on Sound Currents. Start in slumber with a piece for cello quartet before awakening with a piece by this week's guest, Paul Rudy — dubbed “The High Priest of Sound" — and watch the sun rise and fall with two different female composers.
  • 20210909_bk_soundcurrents4
    Vikram Bhide/Courtesy of artist
    Today we’ll be exploring the string quartet...with friends! On this episode of Sound Currents, discover new ways in which the string quartet is being used by contemporary composers, and hear from guests Akshaya Tucker and Saili Oak.
  • 20210902_bk_janninanorpoth
    Lelanie Foster
    You may think you know what string quartets sound like, but prepare to be surprised! Hosts Laurel and Sascha welcome violinist Jannina Norpoth as the guest on this week's episode of Sound Currents, featuring the string quartet in a way you've never heard before.