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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Classical KC? Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here.


What is the relationship between KCUR and Classical KC?

KCUR is Classical KC’s sister station. Both stations are a part of Kansas City Public Media, which includes collaborations with Harvest Public Media, the Kansas New Service, and the Midwest Newsroom. Both stations are supported by UMKC and are NPR member stations.

If I make financial contributions to KCUR, does that mean I give to Classical KC?

No. Since each station is its own unique entity under Kansas City Public Media, your donation to KCUR does not also go to Classical KC. If you want to make a contribution to Classical KC, you can do so here.

How is Classical KC different from commercial radio?

Classical KC is a nonprofit, member-supported public radio station. That means that our funding comes primarily from our members and what we play on the air isn’t influenced by external influences such as advertising or promotions. As a noncommercial station, we cannot and do not broadcast qualitative or quantitative language, or call-to-action based announcements in our corporate sponsorship messages. Our primary purpose is to serve the community through our offerings. You can learn more about what it means to be a public radio station here

What does “member supported” mean?

Classical KC is here because of the financial support of people in our community. Donations from our members are the most important source of Classical KC’s annual operating budget. A member is someone who makes an unrestricted donation to the station annually or with an on-going monthly donation. Members can donate any amount from $1 to $1 million or more. Every gift makes a difference and helps us deliver 24/7 classical music to the Kansas City community and beyond.

For more information, visit our member information page.

Can I donate my classical CDs, LPs, or tapes to Classical KC?

While Classical KC continues to grow its library, we cannot accept unsolicited gifts of CDs at this time. We do not have the resources to process donations of LPs or tapes. If you have a new recording that you think we’d be interested in, please email 

How do I get in touch directly with Classical KC staff members?

You can find the contact information for all current Classical KC staff members here.


Who are the hosts?

You can find information about our hosts on our about page.

How do I find out what music you played?

You can find our full playlist here.

How do I find out what programs are scheduled to air and when?

Our weekly program schedule can be found here.

How do I get my event featured in Take Note or your online events calendar?

The Classical KC Community Calendar is provided by ArtsKC - Kansas City's Regional Arts Council. To submit an event, please visit If you have a specific event that could be included in Take Note, we ask that you submit that event at least a month before it is set to occur. Email with your event submission.

Can I send you my music to play on air?

As Kansas City’s 24/7 classical music station, we aim to reflect our art and music community to its fullest extent. With that being said, we follow strict audio standards for the recordings that we play on air. Our programming team reviews music to see if it will fit in with our sound. You can send your CD to us via email at or via mail and we will give it a listen:

Classical KC
4825 Troost Ave. Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64110

How do I get my ensemble or group featured on Classical KC?

Our show, the Kansas City Local Feature, highlights local ensembles and musicians each week. Please email for your group to be considered.

Why do you play so much [blank] and/or why don’t you play more [blank]?

Classical KC’s programming consists of nationally syndicated shows like Performance Today and Sunday Baroque, as well as our local programs like Sound Currents and From the Archives. Classical music encompasses a wide range of sounds, cultures, and ideas over a period of hundreds of years and includes tens of thousands of songs. As a station, we work to program music that reflects that strong diversity, and we use music software that helps us to not repeat a piece of music or an artist too often and provides variety to the listening experience. We welcome feedback on our programming, with the understanding that classical music is a multifaceted and dynamic artform that can simultaneously be revered and scrutinized.

Getting involved

How do I volunteer at Classical KC?

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with Classical KC. This includes membership drives, community events, and more. It’s fun! You can get involved here.

How do I become a member of Classical KC?

There are many ways to become a member of Classical KC. You can find out how to support the music you love and discover all the membership perks here.

How can I market my business with Classical KC?

Learn more about partner marketing and sponsorships here.

For all other fundraising and membership information, please visit our membership page or contact our membership team at

Radio reception

What is HD Radio and how do I use it?

HD radio is a relatively new technology that enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast programs digitally. These digital broadcasts provide improved audio quality and reception to listeners. To hear an HD radio broadcast, you’ll need an HD Radio that is tuned to the station in your area that is sending an HD Radio broadcast. HD radios range from $50 to $500 and are available for purchase at most electronics retailers.

How do I tune in to Classical KC’s HD radio signal?

Classical KC can be found on 89.3 FM’s HD2 channel. Tune to 89.3, wait for the HD light to show up, and bump over to HD2, where you’ll find crystal-clear Classical KC.

I missed my favorite program. Can I listen to it online?

Three of our locally produced shows - From the Archives, Sound Currents and the Kansas City Local Feature - can be listened to on-demand online at any time. You can find those here. You can listen to the Kansas City Symphony on Classical KC on-demand online for up to four weeks after the original air date.

How do I listen to Classical KC online?

You can listen to Classical KC’s live stream online by clicking the “Play” button found at the top of every page on Doing so launches a web player that streams our live broadcast 24/7. You can also access the stream through Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIn and most streaming apps.

Why can’t I get Classical KC reception in my house but I can get it in my car?

Your car is moving which allows reception to self-select and improve as you weave through the very cluttered broadcast signal environment. Some strong stations elbow other stations out. So it is a proximity issue. Classical KC’s transmitter is located in Liberty, Missouri, so if you are outside of the signal radius you may experience difficulty listening in your home. If you have internet access we recommend listening via our website.

How do I listen to Classical KC on my smart speaker or my smartphone?

Give your smart device a verbal command to “Play Classical KC” or simply input “Classical KC” into the search field. While you’re at it, many smart devices will allow you to use Classical KC as your morning alarm! On your smartphone, you can listen in your browser of choice by going to