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Partner Marketing/Underwriting With 91.9 Classical KC

Classical music connects community.

You can now use the power of classical music to connect with the community of 91.9 Classical KC and

Though we share DNA with our sister station, KCUR 89.3, listening surveys across America have shown that there’s only a 15 – 20% overlap of classical music and NPR news audiences. That makes marketing with Classical KC and KCUR an efficient investment in your business or organization.

It also becomes an investment in the local arts, in the future of this city, and its people.

And that investment pays dividends for you, as the community appreciates those who have helped support this cultural institution in the making.

We’ve made marketing on Classical KC easy and affordable, so share the joy that is classical music and engage with the arts and the people who love them.

To learn more, email Dana Ray Combs, Account Executive:

Our listeners are waiting to hear from you!


What is underwriting?

91.9 Classical KC acknowledges corporate contributions to the radio station with brief on-air messages called underwriting. Since these contributions help pay for programming costs, underwriting is to public radio what advertising is to commercial stations. The value and number of on-air messages is determined by their placement during the broadcast schedule. KCUR provides a rate sheet which specifies the values of the messages throughout our program schedule.

Who hears your messages?

Underwriting on Classical KC provides your business or organization an audience notably distinguished by its education level and professional success. You will benefit from reaching an audience which includes a high concentration of affluent, well-educated business decision-makers, community leaders and opinion shapers.

How does underwriting help your business?

By making the decision to underwrite Classical KC programming, you can put radio to work for you in three distinct areas of marketing: advertising, public relations and community involvement.

  • Advertising: Classical KC reaches a very desirable and frequently hard to reach target market. By running underwriting credits strategically placed either in specific programs or throughout the Classical KC schedule, your message will be heard by an attractive potential consumer of your product or service.
  • Public Relations: Classical KC listeners are extremely loyal to public radio and often choose to do business with fellow supporters. Your association with public radio enhances your credibility. You will create a most positive image when you sponsor programming on Classical KC.
  • Community Involvement: Classical KC is a worthwhile, non-profit community resource, serving the Kansas City area. Your support is also tax-deductible as a philanthropic gift.

How can you underwrite on Classical KC?

Classical KC's staff of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a custom-designed schedule of underwriting announcements to meet your organizational goals. Your plan can range from sponsorship of a specific program to a schedule that spans all segments of the day. We also offer sponsorships in special events as well as corporate partnership program for Classical KC's on-air membership drives.