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Reflection And Restoration

Composer Ian Coleman and poet Ruth Williams.
Emily Coleman & Kira Whitney
Composer Ian Coleman and poet Ruth Williams.

Classical KC speaks with composer Ian Coleman and poet Ruth Williams about collaboration, overcoming artistic challenges, and the similarities between writing poetry and composing music. We'll also hear a variety of music composed by Coleman.

Want to hear more from Ian Coleman? Find a bonus feature at the bottom of the page.


Stephen Steigman


Ian Coleman
Ruth Williams


Fanfare for All Seas All Ships
by Ian Coleman
Phil Posey and The Kansas City Wind Symphony
Live performance, May 2008

Hold Fast to Dreams
by Ian Coleman
Words by Langston Hughes
Simon Carrington Chamber Singers
Live performance, May 2009

by Ian Coleman
Words by Ruth Williams
Kelly Birch - mezzo-soprano, Dorothy Glick Maglione - Flute, Madelyn Moore - Clarinet, Esther Seitz - cello
Live performance, March 2018

Let My People Go
Setting by Ian Coleman
Anthony Maglione and the William Jewell Concert Choir
Randolph Lee - trumpet

I. MG*
II. Jag*
III. Mini
by Ian Coleman
Shannon Finney - flute, Susan Brasier - oboe, Jane Carr - clarinet, Joshua Hood - basson
Live performance, Summerfest 2006

Pebbles, Rocks, Shells, and Bones
by Ian Coleman
David Goode - organ
Live performance, May 2010

*Online only

You can learn more about Ian Coleman at and Ruth Williams at

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Bonus Content
Curious how Ian Coleman sees his place in the composing world? We hope you enjoy this online-only extra.
Ian Coleman working in his home studio.

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