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Transfiguration With Stravinsky, Strauss And Beethoven

Depiction of Pulcinella by Maurice Sand - 1860
Michel Levy Freres
Depiction of Pulcinella by Maurice Sand - 1860

This week we'll hear The Kansas City Symphony perform works that expanded musical boundaries. Hosts Michael Stern and Dan Margolies will explore works by Stravinsky, Richard Strauss and Beethoven that broke new musical ground, albeit in very different ways.


Michael Stern
Dan Margolies


Suite from Pulcinella
by Igor Stravinsky
Live performance, May 2021

Tod und Verklärung (Death and Transfiguration), Op. 24
by Richard Strauss
Live performance, October 2013

Symphony No 3 in E Flat Major, "Eroica," Op. 55
by Ludwig van Beethoven
Live performance, February 2018

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Dan Margolies has been a reporter for the Kansas City Business Journal, The Kansas City Star, and KCUR Public Radio. He retired as a reporter in December 2022 after a 37-year journalism career.
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